DIE HARD SportFishing with the Extreme Capt Fuzzy
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Quotes Anyone thinking of going to Maui and fishing? Well if you are don't think twice about who you are going out with. Capt. Fuzzy always finds da fish! He never comes back with nothing! He is the #1 Captain in my opinion outta all the Hawaiian Islands and he works his butt off to get the fish! Him and his crew are the coolest guys on tha boats and at the same time they will make you work for your fish but that is the whole experience! And now Die Hard Sportfishing has a NEW BOAT! What more could you ask for. He is the first boat out and sometimes the last boat in due to Fuzzy spotting a floater...net ,log,etc, going outta his way to find the fish or just sticking to the bouies due to great fishing and no other boats around! So if you are thinking of fishing in Maui, Die Hard Sportfishing is hands down the boat to go on! JT Quotes
JT Thompson
Capt. Fuzzy's old Deck
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