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Quotes Went fishing with CPT Fuzzy. Had fish for breakfast, Lunch , Dinner for the next two weeks... Went home bough my own boat to fish Pacific Northwest. Still can't wait to get back on CPT Fuzzy's boat!! He put on fish and we caught them like crazy. Trick to fishing is knowing where/how to catch them.. CPT fuzzy knows where/how to catch them... Think Fish whisperer... Quotes
Bob Fry
Fishing Fuzzy Style

Quotes Captain Fuzzy, you and Andy were great! In some of the photo's it doesn't look as rough as when I went out. Hopefully it will be like the next time I go out, But rough or calm I'm going out again when I come back to Maui. Awesome boat, awesome crew, awesome fishing!! Thanks you for an awesome time Quotes
Jeff P
Satisfied Fisherman

Quotes Best Day Catch'n, Best Crew, Best Boat on Maui. Left 2am.Full Moon Great Day. Thanks Again!!! Quotes

Quotes I fished with Fuzzy many years ago and when I found out he had his own charter boat, I had to go with him. I have been "fishing" with many charters in Lahaina, but got to have a SERIOUS day of "catching" with Fuzzy and Andy. Thank you (Mahalo) for a KILLER trip. I will see you again next year!!!!! Quotes
Jan Ennis

Quotes Captain Fuzzy is a fishing machine and I am not sure that he ever sleeps! I had the opportunity, with my wife and two daughters, to fish with Fuzzy and Andy in April of 2012 and it was the highlight of our trip to Maui! We left at 1:15 a.m. due to Fuzzy?s observations that the bite was better a bit earlier? especially for the bigger Ahi, but let me be clear, there were no guarantees of catching any fish only improving our chances. As we found our way to the FAB the fishing was fast and furious and we managed 21 Ahi. Fuzzy and Andy were great with the girls and made them feel very comfortable on board as there was a bit of sea sickness. On our return to the harbour we were treated to a feast of fresh-caught sashimi and given some of the catch to take home. This was my first deep-sea fishing experience and it certainly won?t be my last. I offer no hesitation in recommending Captain Fuzzy and the Die Hard for an incredible fishing experience. Great guys, great boat and great gear! Quotes
The Monaghan Family

Quotes Had a wonderful time on March 23. I only caught 2 Mahi mahi, but together they weighed 55 pounds. Then I was so exhausted that I had to quit fishing. That has never happened before. I will have to get back to the gym before we go again. Quotes
March 23, 2012

Quotes I went fishing with Fuzzy back in November. I reeled in 46 of the 48 fish we caught. You know you have had fun when you have blisters on your hands, from reeling that many fish. It is nice to be able to use the rods, instead of just watching them. It was the best charter on Maui by a long shot. Quotes
Joel Bembridge

Quotes I caught a 39 pound yellowfin tuna, my biggest fish ever. I fished with Fuzzy and Andy in 2009 and caught lots of fish and I caught the 39 pounder in May 2011. Fuzzy wants to catch fish as much as any one. He really gets pumped up. When I had this fish on, he yelled, "Reel faster, reel faster, Tom. It's a bigger fish; it's a bigger fish." When we got back to the dock, I was all excited taking pictures and showing off my fish to anyone who passed by. Fuzzy came up to me and said he was sorry for yelling at me. I told him there was no need to apologize and I gave him a big hug. I will fish with Fuzzy and Andy again as soon as I can. I'm not a good fisherman. I'm a tourist, and Fuzzy takes good care of Hawaiian tourists at Die Hard Sport Fishing. Quotes
Tom Muscio
39lb Tuna

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Quotes Fuzzy & Andy; Thank you for having us on your vessel last Tuesday, May 17th! My son-in-law Phil, (fireman from Huntington Beach) had a great time. Both of us have been on plenty of boats and really appreciate the professionalism you and Andy displayed. Andy did a great job of explaining the basics and protocal during the ride out, which is great! No confusion among the fisherman and everybody knows the game plan. Amazing more boat operators don't get this. Your hussle to keep the fish coming in during hook-ups is unparalled! This also is rarely seen. Andy, sorry again about the "dropped fish"! I swear you greased it before handing it off!!!! Congradulations to both of you!!!! You get do do something you like to do everyday. You guys get it though....take care of the guests,,,,and they'll keep coming back!! People if your thinking of going out fishing while on Maui.. Look no farther!!!!! These guys at Die Hard Sportfishing are simply the best! You will not be disappointed Quotes
Michael Willson
Tuna/Wahoo Hunter
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